Written Testimonials:

Our son is just finishing his first full academic year at Pillsbury College Prep. His improvement both academically and socially has surpassed my expectations. So much has to do with the environment Pillsbury has provided. He is not able to get lost in the crowd nor is he able to fly under the radar. His behavior has been able to be addressed appropriately and different motivators have been tried to see what he personally responds to best. Being offered a smaller class population has enabled his teacher to help him stay focused and he's able move at his own pace with daily encouragement. I would encourage you to reach out and see if Pillsbury College Prep is the right place for you and your child. I have not regretted taking that first step.

Mindi N.

The city of Owatonna and the state of Minnesota are excited about the partnership between Pillsbury College Prep, Camp Pillsbury and visitors from outside the USA. We welcome and encourage international students from around the world and are looking forward to hosting you.

Mayor Tom Kunz

Mayor Owatonna, MN

Video Testimonials:

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