Accredited Academic Program

Pillsbury College Prep provides an in-classroom model that tailors a challenging education for both gifted students as well as students who need extra academic support. Since we are a small school, each student gets extensive individualized attention in each course.

Pillsbury College Prep offers course instruction with core technologies that enhance teaching and learning by tailoring the course content to each student’s learning needs, meeting students at their level and allowing them to learn at their own pace. This highly effective personalized approach has enabled students to gain momentum in their education and pursue the rigorous studies needed to achieve college and career readiness. We offer rigorous courses developed to challenge and motivate even the most gifted students along with specialty courses designed to help students achieve their post-secondary educational goals.

We also offer tutoring courses to give students the extra support they need to succeed. Targeted intervention restores students confidence and achievement. 

The learning environment is highly motivational for students to succeed without the negative pressure that can be detrimental to learning. They gain the ability to tap into the instinctive desire to want to learn.

There are quizzes and unit exams as well as research projects and reports to continually assess and develop a student’s full potential. Students are tested early in the school year with national standardized testing to assess their learning levels. Pillsbury College Prep meets state Department of Education graduation requirements.

Accredited Academic Program – Pillsbury College Prep
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a student enroll at any time during the year?

Yes, we have an open enrollment policy. A student may apply for admissions to the academic program at any time during the school year. Our Fall Semester traditionally begins the last week of August for dual enrolled students and the first Tuesday after Labor Day for traditional students and Spring Semester begins the second week in January.

How does a student apply to the academic program?

Students interested in applying for admission to Pillsbury College Prep should complete the registration form located at


Should you have any questions, please contact Pillsbury College Prep at 507-214-2200 or email


Free application, immunization records and an updated official transcript is needed for acceptance.


Upon review of courses and grades, we develop a Graduation Plan. We outline the courses the student will be required to complete to meet the U.S. Graduation Standard. PCP works with the student to select courses each semester. The student can enroll in as many additional required courses as they desire. We require a minimum of six courses in a semester. After school and weekend activities are fun and often educational. Extracurricular activities are designed to promote personal growth and expand interests.


Each academic course is c semester course and is individually paced. PCP will have all students strive to complete this program within 18 weeks each semester. Students will attend required academic classroom instruction six (6.5) hours per day, from 8:30 to 3:00 Monday – Friday. If needed, study hall and tutoring activities will be available after school and weekends.

Is Pillsbury Prep following Guidelines for Covid19?

Yes, please click here to see the guidelines Pillsbury Prep is following: Covid 19 Prevention Guidance for Youth and Student Groups.

What are the fees associated with this academic program?

All costs are covered in the Pillsbury Boarding School fees.

How Many Credits are Required to Meet Graduation Standards?

Credits required for Graduation: 23 Total Credits Required

  • — English Language Arts (4.0 credits)
  • — History/ Social Studies (4.0 credits)
  • — Mathematics (3.0 credits)
  • — Science (3.0 credits)
  • — Fine Arts (1.0 credit)
  • — Health and P.E. (1.0 credit)
  • — Electives (7.0 credits)

Total: 24 credits