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U.S. Boarding School Student Academic Options

Students pose on steps outside Pillsbury College Prep a U.S. Boarding School

U.S. Boarding School Student Academic Options – United States Residents

Students who reside in the United States have several academic options to choose from.  U.S. boarding school students live at Pillsbury College Prep and can attend courses on campus, or they have the option to attend public or private institutions near campus.

Academic Options

Pillsbury College Prep, Blended Learning Program

Pillsbury College Prep (grades 6-12) is a private blended learning online academic program. Students take courses at Pillsbury College Prep, both online and with in-class teaching assistance for a blended comprehensive learning model. All Pillsbury College Prep courses are accessible 24/7 and are aligned to national standards. Educators are highly qualified and certified within the subject they teach. Students stay in constant communication with their teachers either by speaking with them directly in the classroom, via phone, email, video chat, instant messaging or text. Students take courses at Pillsbury College Prep from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily. Homework and extra assistance are provided from 2:30 to 5:30 for all Pillsbury boarding students. Students can use this time to study or receive tutoring help.

For more information on Pillsbury’s blended learning program, click here.

CHOICE Technical Academy

CHOICE Technical Academy (grades 7-12) is a public charter school located on Pillsbury College Prep’s campus. CHOICE Technical Academy is a charter that focuses on career and college preparedness. The curriculum is designed for students that enjoy learning by doing and focuses on hands on project based learning.

Owatonna Junior High School

Owatonna Junior High School (grades 7-8) is a public school located minutes from Pillsbury campus. This Junior high school is currently home to approximately 650 students. The mission of Owatonna Junior High is to provide a positive learning environment that meets the diverse developmental needs of young adolescents in their community.

Owatonna High School

Owatonna High School (grades 9-12) is a public school located right across the street from Pillsbury. This high school is currently home to approximately 1500 students. Owatonna High School is a progressive learning community, creating critical thinkers prepared for life. As such, their academic offerings include over 200 required and elective courses designed to stimulate growth for their students. Interscholastic sports include: Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Swimming, Tennis and Cheerleading.

St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s (grades 4-8) is a private school which provides children an exceptional foundation for future academic excellence. Well-prepared St. Mary’s graduates experience notable success in high school and college and emerge as socially responsible community members. St. Mary’s believes that all students are capable of succeeding given the opportunities through quality instruction. They strive to reach all students by combining strong morals and values with a quality educational content. Interscholastic sports at St. Mary’s include: Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Cheerleading, Softball and Baseball.

What Can Boarders Do When Their School Day Is Over?

Pillsbury College Prep knows that it is extremely important to create balance and promote growth both academically and personally. That is why we offer our international and U.S. boarding school students so many different boarding school activities to choose from. Many of these activities qualify for high school elective credits.

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