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Pillsbury Fall and Spring Camp with Academics

Safe Alternative Learning Option

Pillsbury Fall and Spring Camp With Academics

Many parents are grappling with students not being able to go to school full time due to Covid 19.  Pillsbury has a private boarding school with a great academic program. Kids can take Pillsbury’s  academic program which we highly recommend,  or students can continue with their own school’s on-line academic program at Pillsbury.

Our fall and spring camp and boarding school program will allow students/campers to complete their  academics with camp activities after school commitments. The aim is to provide a fun, educational, social and emotional learning experience.  We believe that  camp and school  at  Pillsbury provides a unique opportunity to allow kids to both grow and enjoy themselves as we continue to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic in a safe way.

Tuesday, September 8 –  Friday, December 18

Monday, January 19 – Friday, May 21


10 – 18 years old.  If a student has to leave early, a pro-rated refund will be granted.

Tentative Schedule: May change if needed
8:30 AM – 9 AM Breakfast
9 AM – 3:30 PM Pillsbury Academics and Remote Learning: breaks for snacks and lunch as school schedule allows, and optional activities for students as they complete their school work.
3:30 – 6 PM Homework if needed and Camp Activities
6:00 – 6:45 PM Dinner
6:45 – 7:30 PM Homework time / Free Time
7:30 – 9 PM Evening Program Philosophy

After  months of quarantine and virtual schooling this past spring, summer at camp at Camp Pillsbury has proven to be what kids needed. Everyone learned new skills, grew as individuals, made new friends, and left camp with memories that will last a lifetime.   Camp has been the perfect antidote to being quarantined at home for the months prior. We opened as an overnight camp July 12 following CDC guidelines.  We are happy to have had a fun, safe, Covid free summer.    Many school systems are heading towards remote learning in the fall. Seeing how  beneficial camp was for 100 campers this summer, and realizing Coronavirus is going to lead to remote learning again in the fall, we believe that a  Camp program along with boarding school at Pillsbury  would allow kids to continue to excel  Students will have social interaction, physical activity, and fun learning activities to facilitate their continued academic growth and development.

School Overview:

All campers will attend their full day of classes and must complete school work before participating in camp activities. Staff will  ensure that campers attend  class, do homework, and meet with other specialists as scheduled.  Students must have their work completed in order to participate in camp activities.  A program staff member will confirm completion of that day’s homework before
allowing campers to participate in camp activities.

Campers will also need to bring their own laptop computer and/or tablet to do their schoolwork on.

Level of Support
Our staff will be providing social and emotional support, helping ensure the  students are fulfilling their academic commitments, but leaving the teaching to the campers’ school teachers if remote learning.  We do have teachers on site who will help when needed. Students enrolled in Pillsbury College Prep have a dynamic academic program per each grade level with a full time teacher. With Pillsbury’s
academic program students receive a lot of one on one attention and help to understand what they are learning.

Parent Involvement
Every week the parents will need to submit a school schedule or synchronous learning schedule for their camper if doing virtual school. Each camper will have a specific staff member who will ensure that they know their schedule, attend their classes, take quizzes and tests, participate in group projects, etc.

Dorm Rooms

Each student will have  their own private dorm room. We anticipate having 1-2 counselors per every 8 campers. Girls will be on a different floor than the boys.  Common rooms are shared activity space for both genders.

Afternoons and evenings would offer the camper opportunities to participate in our regular camp activities. We will offer instructional periods, group games, organized free time and more to ensure that the campers are living active, engaged, healthy lifestyles. On weekends, we will be able to run a camp schedule with instructional periods.  We would plan on doing special programming, day trips, and overnight trips, if  possible.

Counselor’s  will be looking to ensure that Fall Camp is safe, fun and challenging for all kids.

Food and Snacks
We envision breakfast to be a Continental-style breakfast with cereal, fruit, bagels, yogurt, toast, and more. Lunches will be “grab and go” with pre-packaged sandwiches (turkey, ham), bags of chips, fruit, cookies. Dinners will be family style since they will not interfere with school. Hot meals for breakfast will be available at times. We will take reasonable food requests to have wanted food options on hand.
Campers will be able to grab snacks for the day at breakfast in the morning.  Social distancing in the classroom and the dining hall will be required.

We will allow the campers to use their cell phones to call home every day, but we would keep the streaming and gaming to a minimum, and ensure that the campers are living active, engaged, outdoor, healthy lifestyles. That said, to ensure every camper gets a sufficient night’s sleep for school, campers will not be allowed to use their phones and computers after lights out.

Packing List
In addition to our normal camp packing list, we recommend the following:

  •  Laptop + chargers
  • Cell phone + charger
  • School supplies needed — pencils, notebooks, highlighters, calculator, etc.
  • 2 sets of headphones (noise cancelling suggested)
  • Twin bedding and pillow
  • Sweatshirts, Warm Jackets, and Pants
  • Winter Gear: Snow boots, winter hat, 2 sets of gloves, snow pants, Winter
    Coat, long underwear
  • Halloween Costume
  • Good disposition
  • Alarm clock

Covid-19 Plan:
We will be adapting our Covid-19 plan from this summer to use for Fall/Spring Camp. You can view our Covid-19 Playbook here.  Covid 19 Prevention Guidance for Youth and Student Programs

We will have a team member on site to distribute daily pill medications, just as we do during the summer. We are 5 minutes from a walk in clinic and hospital for emergencies or a free Covid test.

Registration and Fees
Please complete the application at so we have needed information, immunizations and grade transcript.  The cost is $23,000 for the entire school year and can be paid in semester installments. Fall Cost: $9,950  Spring Cost $12,950. Let us know if you want to do your own school’s online program in our classroom with teachers assisting as needed or enrolling in Pillsbury College Prep’s  excellent academic program.

To reserve your spot, please complete and return the application form:  Registration Forms

We believe that the social and emotional value of being at camp, learning new  skills, growing as individuals, and spending time with peers is more important than  ever during the time of Covid-19. The campers/students will spend their school hours just as they would at home, but after school work is completed, they’ll have the advantage of being at camp with friends, participating in activities, and doing
tons of fun activities that are camp staples over the summer.

– Vonda White, Owner

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