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Boarding School Tuition/Rates

Pillsbury College Prep is equipped with 300 dorm rooms, classrooms with experienced educators, gym facilities, sports fields and an onsite dining hall.

What Sets Us Apart?

Students pose in front of Pillsbury College Prep Sign for boarding school tuition pageWe focus not only on the educational growth of a student, but also on their personal growth. We know that not every student is alike. Therefore, we provide different academic options and match each student with the learning style that best suits their academic needs. We foster individuality by offering a wide array of activities for the students to participate in while not in class. This approach promotes a healthy balance between work and play. Our activities provide increased skill levels in areas of personal growth. We have several academic options for our boarders. The academic costs are included in our published boarding school tuition and rates.

Academic Choices

To find out what your students academic choices are:

CLICK HERE If you are a U.S. Citizen

CLICK HERE If you are an International student

Boarding School Tuition and Fees

Boarding school tuition includes academic studies, room, board, supervision, homework help, and campus after-class activities for the academic year.

  • All U.S. Residents outside of Minnesota and International Students – Full-Time Boarding —– $23,000 (International Students only – $3,000 additional the first year to cover fees associated with visa requirements)
  • Minnesota Residents – Monday to Friday Only Boarding (Public School Academic Option) —- $ 9,500
  • Minnesota Residents Full-Time Boarding (Public School Academic Option) —- $13,500

– Which includes academic costs, room, board, transportation, supervision, homework help, campus after-class and weekend activities.

– Minnesota resident students who attend a public school choice, (whose public school tuition is paid by the state of Minnesota), only pay room and board costs.

– Expensive sports such as competitive cheer, dance, equestrian, ice hockey, etc. would require additional costs.

– Prices do not include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break Trips or Travel Program Trips that may be offered during school breaks. Most trips cost $1,000-$1,400 each. Costs would cover travel, food, accommodations, sight-seeing, etc.

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