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Blended Learning Academic Program

Blended Learning Academic Program

Pillsbury College Prep uses a blended learning academic program.  Courses provided by our online program are accredited by SACS and nationally accredited by AdvancED.

120+ Classes are accessible and are aligned with national standards.  Some courses are available online and course teachers are highly qualified with masters certifications or above.   All teachers are highly qualified and certified within the subject matter they teach.

PCP provides in-classroom learning with a blended model.  At times we access on-line advanced placement courses, honors classes, an other learning tools when helpful.  One-on-one student instruction is available as needed for students at Pillsbury College Prep.

Pillsbury College Prep tailors challenging education for both gifted students as well as students who need extra academic support.  Since we are a small start-up school, each student gets extensive individualized attention in each course.  The courses are taught through several different resources which makes learning accessible to each child.  Lectures, textbooks, master video classes, and unlimited online resources help students to grasp and understand the material being taught and to retain pertinent concepts.

The learning environment is highly motivational for students to succeed without the negative pressure that can be detrimental to learning.  They gain the ability to tap into the instinctive desire to want to learn.

The baseline/main curriculum used, Abeka, aligns with Minnesota standards along with high expectations in the evaluations of the material taught.  This ensures that the students are ready for their next level.  Students are tested both in the fall and the spring to help asses their improvement.

There are weekly quizzes and unit exams as well as research projects and reports to continually assess and develop a students full potential.  The teacher is always aware of the strengths along with the learners needs for success.  Students are tested early in the school year with national standardized testing to assess their learning levels.  If an area is identified as improvement needed, then students are given specialized tutoring and extra work to ensure that they are successfully learning in all areas.

  • Pillsbury College Prep meets and/or exceeds Minnesota Department of Education graduation requirements.
  • A private school with high academic program standards.
  • Small classroom sizes with  individual instruction and pacing.
  • 120+ courses available, including A.P. and Honors
  • Learn and intern in fields that interest you from business, entrepreneurship, veterinary science, medicine, fashion, etc.
  • Year round boarding school offering an academic environment in which to thrive both educationally and personally.
  • Opportunities for students to excel both academically and in areas of personal interest.
  • Great cultural experience for all students.
  • Students have the opportunity to expand their learning experience by joining clubs, or after school specialized programs, discussion forums,  competitions, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a student enroll at any time during the year?

Yes, we have an open enrollment policy. A student may apply for admissions to the academic program at any time during the school year. Our Fall Semester traditionally begins in September, the first Tuesday after Labor Day, and Spring Semester begins January 2 or 3.

How does a student apply to the academic program?

Students interested in applying for admissions to PCP should complete the registration form located on this website. Should you have any questions, please contact Pillsbury College Prep at 507-214-2200 or via email at

Application, immunization records and an updated official transcript is needed for acceptance.

Upon review of courses and grades, we develop a Graduation Plan. We outline the courses the student will be required to complete to meet the U.S. Graduation Standard. PCP works with the student to select courses  each semester. The student can enroll in as many additional required courses as they desire. We require a minimum of six courses in a semester.  After school and weekend activities are fun and often educational.  Extracurricular activities are designed to promote personal growth and expand interests.

Each academic course is a semester course and is individually paced. PCP will have all students strive to complete this program within 18 weeks each semester. Students will attend required academic classroom instruction six (6.5) hours per day,  from 8:30 to 3:00 Monday – Friday.  If needed, study hall and tutoring activities will be available after school and weekends.

What are the fees associated with this academic program?

All costs are covered in the Pillsbury Boarding School fees and include four academic classes.   If additional academic courses are desired, there may be an additional cost, depending on the course.

How Many Credits are Required to Meet Graduation Standards?

Currently, a student is required to complete 23 Carnegie units of Credit as follows (each Unit = 2 semesters): 4 Carnegie Units of Language Arts; 4 Carnegie Units of Science; 4 Carnegie Units of Math; 3.5 Carnegie Units of Social Studies; 2 Carnegie Units of Modern Foreign Language; 1 Carnegie Unit of Fine Arts; ½ Carnegie Unit of Physical Education (1 semester); ½ Carnegie Unit of Health (1 semester); 3.5 Carnegie Units of Electives (other PE Classes, Geography, Music, other Art Classes, etc.)

Are Advanced Placement (AP) Courses Offered?

Yes. The academic program offers 16 AP Courses. Note: we encourage the student to begin the course work at the beginning of a normal school year in order to be prepared for the Advanced Placement Tests administered the following May.  Students not given adequate time to master the material generally find the test even more challenging.

Any course taken online has certified teacher who is a vital component to the Program. PCP also has in class  teachers to make sure the work is completed daily, timely and assistance provided when needed.

Are there extra-curricular/enrichment student activities associated with the academic program?

Yes. Students can participate in various online clubs and activities.

For Example:

  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Global School students may participate in any of eleven online clubs including Spanish, English Honor Societies, International Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Science Club and Newspaper Club.
  • Enrichment Activities: Students are welcome to join activities such as the Spring Literacy Fair, Career Day, College Hub Webinars, the World Hunger Forum, the Voter Registration Drive, the African-American Literature Read-in, and much more.
  • Student Interaction: Global School allows students to have many opportunities to collaborate with each other all over the world. They can join the Socratic Café to develop discussion, debate, and presentation skills, or work with others on a science, business, literature or language project.
  • Cultural Experiences: PCP also offers many cultural experiences and performing opportunities in sports and performing arts. We look to participate in local school, and community programs that arise. When possible, students can compete in local, state, regional and national competitions. Our goal is to afford students opportunities that will help them gain confidence, and provide them with new experiences.
  • PCP wants students to learn about  real job opportunities and business. Students will be encouraged to obtain a part time job when age appropriate.  This helps them to learn responsibility, balance a  budget, develop communication skills and many other life skills. They also earn academic credit for this real life experiences.

Pillsbury College Prep inspires kids to find their passion and encourages them to participate in theater productions, scouts, youth groups, community education activities, sports, clubs and weekend sight seeing and fun learning excursions.

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